Chris Sailer Kicking / Rubio Long Snapping

Case Study

Chris Sailer offers over 16 years of top quality football experience. His services include national events, camps, private lessons, and group clinics. Enjoy the most in depth, hands-on kicking and punting camps and take home years of experience in just a couple hours of instruction.

Chris Rubio can help you to become the best snapper you can be! In just 12 years, Chris Rubio has become the #1 snapping instructor in the country and the go-to man when a college coach needs a snapper. Colleges from across the country rely on Chris Rubio's word day in and day out on who the best snappers are in the country. In just the last two years alone, Chris Rubio has assisted in over 260 Long Snappers earning full scholarships and preferred walk-ons to major Universities just for snapping.

When Chris Sailer and Chris Rubio called Second Round, they were more than dis-satisfied with their previous "web guy" and were extremely anxious to retain a design group who offered invaluable customer service as well as being able to furnish award-winning designs and produce sites that work! Their old site barely worked. Data literally went missing from the site by users making button clicks. This was a first for us - seeing data actually disappear just from clicking on a button. We thought we'd seen it all up to this point!

We first took control of their web server, which was a difficult task in itself. Then we were able to apply some band-aids on their old site, which was poorly developed in Joomla. We had to get their old site to work while we began the re-design and development of the new site. They were so excited to see their site actually working! It was junk, but at least it started to work again!

Our initial design presentation offered a few designs to choose from, and they quickly gravitated towards one in particular which offered a split real-estate for both coaches to populate their separate data onto the site - essentially having two companies merge into one website. The first site we created for them was not a mobile friendly site, as at that time their users base wasn't accessing the site with heavy mobile statistics. After a good year and a half, that quickly changed. Their business grew and expanded to the point where competitors made numerous attempts to hack into their site and try to steal their customers from them right under their noses. With their business continuing to grow, we put together a new design option making the site mobile friendly for their user base and to increase their rankings in search engines. We also beefed up hosting and data rates to accommodate the site's growth and tripled the security measures already in place to eliminate potential damage from malicious users. Not only is their site as secure as can be, but it boasts a robust database system, which is fully responsive, offers full CMS, a user-friendly custom e-commerce solution and a back-end to manage the user database and every inch of the site as well. Their site is very popular and is accessed heavily throughout each day.

The two coaches can now focus on their day to day business while the site runs itself and processes their online camp registrations and product orders.

The site's main feature and functionality is the user base - player ranking system. Coaches all over the world access their player rankings, to determine who the best long snappers, kickers and punters are today. Colleges, parents and the players themselves often interact with the rankings as well. Each player profile is easily made to be edited to rank a player, post videos of the player, photos and player information. All grouped by class year.

We enjoy working with Chris Sailer and Chris Rubio very much, they are a valued client indeed.

See some of their designs below.

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Project Details

Custom Website Design
Fully Responsive Website
Full Custom CMS
Dynamic Database-Driven Content
Analytics / Reporting
Custom E-Commerce
User Database with Player Rankings
SEO Reporting / Analytics
Keyword Analysis / Ranking

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