Philips Volcano

Case Study

Philips Volcano, a Philips business, is a global leader in physiology and intravascular imaging for coronary and peripheral applications. The business also offers a suite of peripheral therapeutic devices. This is part of Philips’ industry leading solutions to decide, guide and confirm the right therapy for each patient in real-time during image-guided therapies. Founded in cardiovascular care and expanding into other specialties, Philips is focused on improving patient and economic outcomes.

When Volcano Corporation first came to us, they were not owned by Philips. They called on Second Round to have their website re-designed, and were seeking a new design company who could provide more of a professional level of service. We took the call and became the design and interactive development vendor for Volcano Corporation.

Working directly with their marketing department, we generated fresh new designs that were well received not only by their customers, doctors and hospitals, but their president and executive board as well. The initial campaign we designed included a bridge site for what you currently see up online for their internet presence today. We knew, as did they, that the new look and vision we created for Volcano Corporation was well fitting but at the same time too far a stretch from what their existing brand resembled. Hence the bridge. We rolled out the bridge design and kept in online for a year. We then pursued the creative direction we initially provided, with slight modifications, and went live with the new look. The new look included micro sites, email marketing campaigns and other misc. marketing collateral. It was also applied to their print and trade show booth designs as well.

We continued to work with Volcano Corporation on their software application UI. The AC Lite project application was a tool that was used during surgery, which involved the doctor(s) using a precision guided catheter during intricate cardiovascular procedures. The UI needed a fresh look as some of their competitors were developing applications of their own. Volcano's original UI was outdated and somewhat confusing to use in the fast paced environment of its intended use. Doctors needed an immediate recognition of each icon that represented an important feature of their software application. If a doctor didn't have the time to understand the application UI, they simply wouldn't use it. We solved this problem for Volcano Corporation with a clean easy to use and recognize tool that helped doctors save lives.

See some of their designs below.

Click here to view the live website

Project Details

Software Application UI/UX Design
Wireframe Design
Custom Website Design
Full CMS
Dynamic Database-Driven Content
Multi-Language Websites/Content
Analytics / Reporting
SEO Reporting / Analytics
SEM Analytics / Reporting
Content Marketing
Keyword Analysis / Ranking
Email Marketing Strategy, Design & Development
Mobile Optimized Email Marketing
Print Collateral

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